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Downrigger und Zubehör

Scotty Booms for anchors

KSP-0276 PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Anchor release system for s...
Preis ab 44.47 €

Scotty Sonar mounting

KSP-0140 Kayak / SUP Transducer Arm Mount for Post Mounts P...
Preis ab 28.00 €

Scotty Spare knobs

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: - 5/16″ x 2 1/4″ Replacement Mounting...
Preis ab 21.41 €

Scotty Depthmaster

The all time Scotty leader in performance and sales. Compact...
Preis ab 357.18 €

Scotty Laketroller

No. 1071 Laketroller Downrigger with Portable Clamp Mount....
Preis ab 171.29 €

Scotty Longarm 60”

Ideal for big boats. All the same features as the 1090 plus...
Preis ab 755.06 €

Scotty Depthpower Electric Lift Repair Kit

The Scotty Depthpower Downrigger Kit contains essential repl...
Preis ab 60.24 €

Scotty DEPTHPOWER ProPack 36–60”

The top choice of charter captains. This unit gives the vers...
Preis ab 1342.82 €

Scotty HIGH PERFORMANCE ProPack Tournament Series 36–60”

The number one choice in trolling performance for the charte...
Preis ab 1657.65 €